Softball team prepares for season debut

Bryana Quick, Staff Writer

PN softball coaches Ed Bowe, Jim Migaliaccio, Mike Hinga and Jim Swinehart have been holding 4 person workouts since the beginning of February to prepare the girls for the season, but with Covid restrictions lifted, formal practices began this week.

Players and coaches are ecstatic about this season for many different reasons. “I am looking forward to being back on the field playing the game I love,” said sophomore Addison Bobbio. Freshman Jaiden Jankord-Maze is excited for new beginnings: “I’m looking forward to playing with new girls and creating a bond with a new team,” she said. 

Despite the joy of being back, the pandemic still looms over the team. “I am most worried about not having a season due to Covid,” said sophomore Sophia Tafoya. The athletic department and coaching staff have been working to reduce the risks as much as possible. “The COVID-19 protocols we will have to deal with shouldn’t really affect us that much. We will have to wear masks, but the hope is since we are outside that mandate might be rescinded,” said Bowe. “All players get their own helmet, so sharing them isn’t an issue. I have always preferred our infielders to not meet in the circle to celebrate outs, or our bench to clear to great home run hitters at home plate.  So now I can tell them they can’t do that kind of thing for safety reasons.”

Bowe believes that there are potentially even bigger problems on the season than Covid. “The biggest challenge facing our program this season is having enough players for a JV team,” he said, recognizing the reality that many people are taking a break from sports this season. A clearer picture will develop during tryouts, which will be taking place the week of March 22. The team’s first game is April 8. 

Bryana Quick