Throwback to Semester One


Molly Garcia, Staff Writer


Tuesday, September 3rd– A blemish on the calendars of both students and teachers. For freshmen, it was the start of a new beginning; for seniors it was the beginning of the end; for the rest, it was just another year in this prison we call high school.

The first week of the new school year provided a twisted source of entertainment for those in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade as they watched freshmen wandering the halls like lost puppies just trying to find someone to point them in the direction of their next class. Sophomores laughed the most- ignoring the fact that roughly 365 days ago, they were those lost puppies. Once everyone had settled back into the school routine, the excitement of cross-town rivalry football between Northern and Central swept through the school. The Portage Northern cheerleaders flipped and chanted from the sidelines, “Hey fans let’s hear you scream, on the count of three, yell beat PC.” Despite the desperate cries from the fans, Central defeated Northern.

Monday also marked the beginning of homecoming week. Students from all grades and social groups participated in dressing up for the theme days, including Stoplight day on Wednesday. This theme day created a great deal of confusion- green, representing that you’re single and ready to mingle. Yellow meaning it is a complicated relationship, and red, saying you are taken. The dress-up day caused some upset for girls who showed up to school too see their boyfriends dressed in green. Yellow was worn mostly by girls who were still obsessing over their ex boyfriend who dumped them a month ago for the pigeon toed girl with that ridiculous smile. It was no surprise that the boy and girl who are always caught sucking face in the science wing wore red. Later that week, we crowned one boy and one girl from each grade level as homecoming king or queen during half time of the football game. At the dance that followed, Underclassmen danced provocatively-creating an image that chaperones will never be able to un-see.

In November, Northern’s drama department produced The Wizard of Oz; students shelled out a large portion of the content from their wallets to purchase tickets to see this outstanding show. That same month PN’s student body came together to raise a record breaking $16,688.33 for The March of Dimes selling bread. When December finally rolled around, students and teachers were itching for the freedom of winter break. Finally, on December 23rd, the shackles of school had been broken and students fled the building. Students rejoiced the additional three snow days while teachers dreaded the time crunch they were now under to prepare students for exams. After such an eventful first semester, its conclusion gives everyone a sense of relief and anticipation of the exciting events for what will occur in the second semester. Seniors have fallen ill with the contagious disease senioritis, the only known cure for this ailment being graduation which is still three months away. Juniors are also feeling this excitement. For them, the conclusion of the school year means they are entering the home stretch for the end of their high school carriers. Sophomores will be entering one of the most crucial years for academics. And for freshmen, they will no longer be the puppies of the school. For seniors and underclassmen the second semester will fly by so work hard and enjoy it.