No Valentine’s gift? No problem!

Allie Miller, Staff Writer

Are you looking for a quick and easy last minute valentine’s gift for your family, friend, or significant other? Then look no further!


What you need:

A styrofoam ball about the size of a baseball

Your favorite yarn

Two buttons


Craft glue or hot glue

Start by either finding a chair or a friend’s arms to wrap your yarn around 150 times. See the third photo for an example.

Once you have finished wrapping, take the bundle of yarn off of the chair (or your helping hands) and take a piece of yarn and tightly tie one end, and cut through the other, as seen in the fourth picture.

Take your styrofoam ball and place it under the section of yarn you just tied off. Next, spread the yarn over the ball so that it is no longer visible. Take a piece of yarn and tie it at the base of the ball to create the head. 

Now that you have the head, it’s time to create the tentacles. Separate the loose yarn under the head into eight sections. Braid each of these sections, and tie off the end with a piece of yarn. I like to trim the ends of the yarn on each of the tentacles for a more unified look, but it is completely optional.

Finally, with the glue of your choice, attach the two buttons to the head of the octopus to act as eyes.

There you have it! Your very own valentine’s gift for someone you care about!