Winter photography

Kellie Miles, Photographer

Winter time is truly a time like no other. Winter makes the world we know turn into a land of snow; no other season looks or feels quite like this one. This is what makes it an amazing time to capture photos that are very unique and magical in their own way, although there can be some hard parts to doing photography during this time of the year. 

Some things that you should know while going out to shoot in the winter is watch your camera and the way you take care of it very closely. Cameras or any electronic devices tend to lose their battery way quicker when out in the cold in comparison to normal temperatures or hotter temperatures. So a good first tip is to keep your camera in your pocket or have it in the inside of your coat while walking to try to keep it warmer. Along with that, keep your camera off at all times unless you are taking photos; this should help preserve the battery life. Finally, always bring extra batteries! This is important for all your shoots but especially in the winter. This will never hurt you and can be extremely useful.

Now, you may be thinking, “where the heck do I start?” when it comes to going outside and seeing pretty much nothing but white blankets of snow everywhere. But this is exactly what makes photos this time of the year so special: you have to really embrace the loss of color and such things like that. For instance you could add bright colors into the photo through your subject and that looks amazing up against the all white snow. Along with that you could use your subject to your advantage to show scale and proportion to the things around your subject in the photo. Remember that you don’t always have to add something or need something in your photo to make it look great. Winter time is an amazing time to play with minimalism or bleakness, photos like this in the winter turn out quite beautiful. There are many ideas you can come up with, really just have fun and experiment with the snow and such.

So if you want to have some fun and end up with some really unique photos, then I highly recommend going out into the cold snow land now! Bundle up, bring those extra batteries, and go shoot! 

If you end up taking any photos I would absolutely love to see them! Send them to my school email: [email protected], and share them with us on insta at!