Animal Crossing February update

Cerena Read, Entertainment Editor

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – February Update

By Cerena Julia

Fish Arriving- 


Fish Leaving- 


Bugs Arriving-

On the ground: Tiger Beetle (all day)

Bugs Leaving- 


Sea Creatures Arriving-


Sea Creatures Leaving- 

4pm-9pm: Abalone

All day: Lobster


There are tons of new items coming to nook shopping this month! First is a pair of interactable  maracas, to help you celebrate Festivale, which I will elaborate on. Second are the bean tossing kit and the resetti model. Next is the special Big Game Celebration (Super Bowl) items, they have a football rug available for purchase as well as the four different designs of cheer megaphones: Glittery, Starry, Flames, and Football. Then, there are also exciting Valentine’s Day items available: the Heart-shaped bouquet and the Chocolate heart both coming in several different varieties, just perfect for that special animal crossing player in your life! Lastly, the Lunar New Year items, to help celebrate this year, there will be the Korean New Year gift, the Chinese New Year gift, and the Chinese New Year decoration.

This month a special event called Festivale is coming to islands everywhere on February 15th! For this event, make sure you stop into Nook’s Cranny and Able Sisters to pick up some awesome Festivale items and gear. Enjoy partying with your villagers and the new character Pavé, the fabulous dancing peacock! For the duration of the event, try to collect different colored feathers and bring them back to Pavé to earn some sweet Festivale items. Have fun!