Pain is temporary

Bryana Quick, Staff Writer

You may think this is going to be forever, but it is only temporary. It will end sooner or later. You will get better in the end, I promise. The harder you work to get better, the sooner you will start feeling better. The more you hope and believe in yourself the more like you are to start feeling better. You are loved, you have people you can go to if you need help. Never hesitate to talk to someone you trust and have them help even if it is just letting you get out how you feel. Set goals for yourself. Make your bed everyday, talk to someone who makes you smile, get out of your house, do something to make YOU happy. Do what is best for you, block that person, delete all social media. Never let someone tell you that your pain will never get better. No matter how bad the pain is or how long it has been there it is not permanent. You are so much stronger than you will ever see. You are worth more than worth it. You will have those days where you feel nothing will change and you will be in pain for every but you won’t. You have to remember to believe in yourself to be able to help yourself become better in any way, whether that is mentally, physically, or emotionally. No matter what obstacles life throws at you, or how hard it is to even smile, you have to remember these three little words: pain is temporary.