Macro for you: taking pictures up close and personal

Kellie Miles, Photographer

Have you ever seen a super up close and detailed picture someone posted or just while scrolling through social media? If you have, that was most likely macro photography! Macro photography is like when you use a microscope on something, but in a photo. The details and depth you can get during macro photography is insane: you won’t get details like that any other way.

How it works is you actually buy macro lens covers for your camera. They come in a lot of different sizes and depths. For example, for the photos you see in this article, they were taken on a 10x macro lens. This means that the macro lens on top of the camera lens zoomed in 10x the normal lens on your camera. But they also have them that aren’t as strong like 1x, 2x, and 5x. The stronger the macro lens is, the closer you have to get to whatever you’re taking a photo of otherwise it will be blurry. You can even zoom in all the way with your camera and get even closer to get more details. 

When looking for macro lenses make sure they fit your camera and your lens. They make different sizes so you want to make sure you get the right one. Also, getting a set with more options is also good so you can experiment with them. Don’t have a camera? No worries! They even make some that you can buy and put on your phone over your mobile camera and it does the same thing!

So if you want to take some incredibly detailed photos of anything, then dig into macro photography. See the small details of the beauty of the world. Happy shooting!