Nintendo Switch: 100% worth the money

Cerena Read and Chloe Malik

From Super Smash Bros to Animal Crossing, there’s a game out there for everyone with the Nintendo Switch. It is one of the most popular products being sold: whether it be for Christmas, a birthday, or just a random occasion, millions of people have bought the Nintendo Switch. But is it truly worth spending your money on? Absolutely. 

One of the very first things that are eye catching about the Nintendo Switch are the colorful controllers. Although the main colors are red and blue, you can customize the controllers to the color you’d like them to be. They have all sorts of colors such as pink, green, purple and many more. The controllers are 4.02 inches high and 1.41 inches long and easily attachable and detachable from the main console of the Switch. They can be linked together to create one large controller, secured into a steering wheel, or just used by themselves. 

The Nintendo Switch also offers over 2,000 games, including Just Dance, Super Mario Kart Deluxe, Animal Crossing, Rocket League and others. There are games for everyone no matter what you like. Not only are they fun, but they have great graphics and intuitive play. Although there are many solo games out there, there are games for multiple people as well, allowing players to game with friends and family anytime.

Being able to be easily accessible and moveable is an important thing for a gaming console. The basic setup for the switch is a 4 inch by 9.4 inch screen with the controllers attached to the sides. Not only is this very easy to carry place to place, it’s also effortless to hold and play wherever and whenever you want. If you want a bigger screen, the switch has a dock that can connect to your TV. With it connected to your tv, you can casually play games with others, or play games with lots of movement involved.


While it comes with a hefty pricetag for such a small device (the Animal Crossing New Horizons edition will set you back $300), it is worth the money spent and sure to bring heaps of excitement to anyone who plays it.