How early is too early to put up Christmas decorations?

Kai Pennington, Staff Writer

Christmas is an important holiday for my family, but Thanksgiving is not held any lower, so the debate starts at when decor should go up. 

I personally feel that if any decor for Christmas goes up before Thanksgiving, it will get dusty by the time the day rolls around. Putting them up mid-December makes it feel like there isn’t enough time for the holiday, so the weekend after Thanksgiving feels perfect. It allows for there to be time for Thanksgiving, while also allowing for Christmas to have its own time.  

I have known some households who decided to put up decor just after Halloween and it felt like it was way too early, a month too early to be exact. The trees felt out of place when it came to be their time to put them up. Though it has previously snowed on Halloween, the white and blue decor just felt wrong or off. 

When decor should be put up is up to each individual, but as I’m sure many can agree with me, just after Thanksgiving and around the beginning of December is the best time to get festive.