Top Ten Superheroes

Hannah Teerman, Entertainment Editor

1. Superman: Come on, he can fly, shoot lasers out of his eye, has x-ray vision and he is really strong. How can the dude lose, besides his weakness, the little green kryptonite thing. But it’s not like many people will be able to find that.

2. Batman: Nothing is wrong with a costume, I mean disguise, with the cape and all. Plus there is that whole ‘two different lives’ thing, which must be pretty cool, and confusing. His enemies always seem to be the creepiest and weirdest, but I guess it comes with the job.

3. Iron Man: He has the whole high-tech get up with all the gadgets and weapons that seem to appear out of nowhere, so that’s cool. There is, however, his little computer friend that talks to him and stuff, which has to be freaky sometimes.

4. Spiderman: He is a classic – the teenage boy with the alter ego of a crime fighter who can shoot spider webs out of his hands. Okay, so it is a little weird. He does not have super strength and all that fancy stuff but he seems to get along just fine without it, for the most part.

5. Captain America: Talk about #throwbackthursday. He has the shield though that is quite the weapon, but the outfit might throw people off a bit with the tight clothing. Oh well.

6. The Hulk: So he can be pretty freaky, but what is not cool about turning big, green, and scary when you are angry? Alright, like everything. Maybe no one would mess with him and be afraid… Or they would mess with the guy all the time. Hey, it happens.

7. Thor: The newbie. He is still fairly awesome though, him being a god and all. He can make storms and stuff too, although I feel like most people would not want to make storms and summon lightning. And why have superpowers when you can just carry around a heavy hammer? … Just kidding.

8. Wolverine: The man with the metal claws that always seems to be going on rampages with his other superhero friends, fighting to save humanity, and has quite the history. I don’t know, it would be hard to be around someone who could just whip out their claws whenever they felt necessary, but maybe that’s just me.

9. Aquaman: Another throwback. It would be fun to be able to communicate with water animals and breath underwater. Why would anyone would want to have to stay in the water all the time and not be able to stay on land for too long, however, is beyond me.

10. Green Lantern: He can do so much cool stuff, way more than Superman, it isn’t even funny, such as force fields and making things fly. It is all thanks to that ring of his from the alien dude that crash landed on Earth, so shout out to him. It would really stink though if he lost the ring.