Animal Crossing – Fall Updates

Cerena Read, Entertainment Editor

Fish Arriving-

In Rivers: Yellow perch (all day)

Ocean: Dab (all day)


Fish Leaving-

In Ponds: Catfish (4pm-8am)

In Rivers: Betta and rainbowfish (9am-4pm); Angelfish (4pm-9am); Snapping Turtles (9pm-4am); and Tilapia (all day)

Ocean: Moray Eel and Ribbon Eel (all day)

On the Dock: Giant Trevally and Mahi-Mahi (all day)


Bugs Arriving-

On Flowers: Ladybug (8am-5pm)


Bugs Leaving-

Flying: Yellow Butterfly (4am-7pm); Red Dragonfly (8am-7pm); Darner Dragonfly and Banded Dragonfly (8am-5pm)

On Flowers: Stink Bug (all day); Man-faced Stink Bug (7pm-8am); and Ladybug (8am-5pm)

On the Ground: Bell Cricket (5pm-8am); Scorpion (7pm-4am); and Tiger Beetle (all day)


Sea Creatures Arriving-

9pm-4am: Spiny Lobster and Venus’ Flower Basket

All Day: Seaweed


Sea Creatures Leaving-

4am-9pm: Spotted Garden Eel

9am-4pm & 9pm-4am: Giant Isopod


Arriving this month are many new features here for the Halloween season update. During this month you are able to buy candy once a day in the cabinet at Nook’s Cranny that you can give out to your villagers on the 31st. Also for purchase from the cabinet and from Leif are pumpkin starts! These pumpkin starts allow you to grow your own pumpkins and from those you can make special Halloween themed DIY’s. Everyday inside Nooks Cranny there are special halloween themed items for purchase as well, that you can use to decorate your island in time for Halloween. At the NookStop you can redeem miles for new Body-Paint Costume Tips and Exploring New Eye Colors. Finally, Jack “the czar of Halloween” makes an appearance from 5pm-12am on October 31st – Halloween!!