Notes to Northern: 18 December 2013


PN Students, Spreading Love

“Mr. Shaffer, thank you for teaching your students the virtues of life & how to be successful. Also, thanks for passing on your knowledge and intelligence to those like me.” – Anonymous

“Cornell Twins, you guys are the sweetest and nicest girls I know.” – A Friend

“Zoey Golstone, you’re beautiful! Yassss, girl, work them BLUE eyes.” – Anonymous

Mitch Gercak & Jacob Britton, you guys are some true bros, hands down the coolest cats at Northern.” – Nick Guerrant

“Mr. Bartz, I recently joined your TV Internship class this year, and I love it! You’re an amazing teacher!” – Mercedes Ash

“Derek Israels, keep it country, brotha!” & “Troy Mills, ‘Semper Fi’!” – Michael Alexander

“To the kid who sits in the back of Neal’s 4th hour, you are the coolest kid ever!” – Anonymous

Zoe Eirman: “Hey, baby girl, I just wanted to tell you how much of a great friend you are. I am so lucky I met you, and I hope we stay friends for the longest time possible. And by the way, you are one of the prettiest girls I know!” – Anja Wieczorek

“Mr. Kamm, get better and come back soon.” – James Mathews

“Chris Curl, you’re seriously amazing. Don’t stop brightening people’s days!” – Anonymous

“Korean Club members old and new, if it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be as open to meet new people. Thank you.” – Katie Collins

“Sophia Velkov, give that guy in your 6th hour a chance…you know. Stay golden.” – Anonymous

“Mitch Brown, I heard you were Santa; will you bring me presents?” – Anonymous

“Kudos to the students in choir, orchestra and band on another thoroughly enjoyable Holiday Collage Concert!  You are all amazing!  I enjoy your performance every year to help get me in the holiday spirit.  Thank you!” – Tony Seargeant

“Nathan Thoman, keep it ginger… WABAM!” – Chris Curl

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