IOS 14 is a significant improvement for Apple

Maya Daniels, Opinion Editor

In IOS 14, Apple brings back widgets and gives new variety and usability to the home screen. (Apple / free use)

Following being announced June 22 at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the famous iOS 14 has finally graced our phones. This most recent update brings plenty of new features to make your old phone feel and look brand new. The update now supports widgets that you can download from the app store or use the ones provided to customize your home screen. This allows you to organize your apps providing quick and direct access. When this feature is paired with the shortcuts, you can make custom app icons providing personalization and cohesion throughout the device. Unfortunately, the shortcuts require the original app to remain installed on the device which is used to cause users frustration. However, with the update, you can keep it neatly tucked away in your categorized app library. Siri as well as the Incoming calls icon received a fresh new look that no longer takes up your screen so you can chat while scrolling through Instagram. This recent update represents a significant improvement for Apple as the others have been known to slow older devices down and is a great plus for new and old Apple users alike.