Fall fun in the age of Covid

In normal time we would be walking into a coffee shop to buy a pumpkin spice latte, go shopping in store for the newest fall trends, go on hay rides at a patch of some sort, go apple picking, take walks with a bunch of friends or family, and anything else that you do when the chilly weather of fall sets in. For the most part, Covid-19 has changed that. 

This fall is an unusual one with the pandemic making it less safe to go out, but there are things that everyone can do to make this season a bit better. One thing that we could possibly do is go to a park with the people that you live with. Even though we aren’t getting to hang out with friends, you can still go and enjoy all the wonderful colors that the fall season brings to the outdoors. The thing that everyone needs to remember is that they should stay 6 feet from anyone else that is walking in the park. 

If going and walking around the park isn’t your thing, or if anyone has concerns about COVID exposure, there are always new activities to try at home. It’s a great time to decorate the house for the new season, and there are lots of stores with low-priced fall-theme items for both inside and outside. 

If decorating is not your thing, there’s always the food that comes along with the season. There are many different recipes online for delicious fall foods and drinks, and there is no shortage of pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider. Check out the fall recipe guide below by Northern Light staff member and senior Katie Knight:

The pandemic may have made it harder to do many of the things that make Fall fun, but there are still many other things to enjoy.