Hubie Halloween: your new favorite Halloween movie

Miles Slocum, Staff Writer

October is spooky season, and due to COVID, some yearly traditions will not be taking place this year. For example, trick-or-treating may be obsolete this year, but that doesn’t mean that Halloween is canceled. Instead of bundling up just to go house to house collecting candy, instead this year you may stay inside the comfort of your house with your family and watch a Halloween movie. If this sounds like your Halloween plans this year, well do I have the movie for you. It’s the new Netflix original movie, “Hubie Halloween,” starring Adam Sandler.

The movie takes place in one of America’s spookiest towns, Salem Massachusetts. Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) has one mission and that is to keep people safe, especially around Halloween. The whole town makes fun of him except for his loving mother. This Halloween Hubie finds himself facing all sorts of danger to save the people in his town. 

The movie is funny and keeps the viewer on edge throughout the whole hour and 43 minutes. The cast has tons of recognizable actors that just add to its greatness. There are subtle and blatant nods to many other Halloween, horror, and other Adam Sandler movies. Though some parts may not be too appropriate for younger children, it is still overall a great movie to watch on Halloween with the family instead of trick-or-treating.