Let’s embrace online learning for the blessing that it is

Arushi Mithal, Feature Editor

This year has been filled with inconveniences. We must simply adapt, accept, and move on. One of the inconveniences students are navigating through is the idea of online classes. It can immediately be said that online classes are burdensome and will never replace the connection within the traditional classroom setting. However, there are a plethora of benefits to enjoy about online learning before returning to normal school… whenever that may be. 

First of all, us students have a later wake up time than usual. Although there is no change in the time that school officially starts, there is no need to wake up as early as we used to. For online school, there is no need for transportation, all there is to do is freshen up, eat something, and perhaps finish up something before class. The responsibility to commute on a daily basis took up a lot of time, but now that aspect has completely changed due to instant arrival on a computer. Later wake up times initiate better rest, which leads to better academic performance as well.

Furthermore, there is not as much importance put on dressing up everyday. Many students develop negative connotations with school due to the amount of pressure there is for looking or dressing a certain way. Most online classrooms have an option for camera off, so now there is a lack of legitimate person to person interaction. There is less peer pressure to be overwhelmed with, so more focus can be put on understanding curriculum instead of outward appearance.

Finally, there is more class flexibility in an online setting. Google meet rooms and chats are so easy to use on a daily basis.  In this day and age, there are a plethora of efficient tools/advanced features that can improve your learning experience. Just by clicking a link or pressing an icon, you can instantly go from one group to another. You don’t have to stress about making it on time to a class on the third floor- while also making time to pick up necessary materials from your locker on another floor. 

All in all, it is important to shed a little light during a dark time. Everyone has their own dislikes and disapprovals for certain aspects of online schooling, but with every setback there are always some advantages that we unknowingly take for granted.