B4 the Storm: one big celebration of rap

Liam Fagan, Editor in Chief

If you’ve never heard the name Internet Money, now is the time to get familiar. The music collective led by Taz Taylor and Nick Mira is responsible for several of the biggest hits of the past years, with production credits on Lucid Dreams, Bandit, Ransom, and Plug Walk between them. Internet Money recently dropped their first full-length commercial album, B4 The Storm, and the results were spectacular.

The album gets going right away, with an extremely hard-hitting beat and solid lyrics from TyFontaine coming on the song Message. The album only goes up from there, with songs featuring a mix of more mainstream artists, and some relatively lesser-known talent. Songs like Right Now and Devastated, featuring Cochise and lilspirit respectively, stand side by side with songs like Blastoff, featuring two current rap legends in Trippie Redd and the late Juice WRLD.

B4 The Storm truly shows off Internet Money’s versatility. The songs on the album are done in a variety of tempos and styles, with high-tempo, high-energy songs like JLO (feat. Lil Tecca), followed by slowed down songs like Thrusting (feat. Swae Lee & Future).

At its core, B4 The Storm plays like one big celebration of rap. With long-time artists like Kevin Gates and Wiz Khalifa right next to newcomers like XXL Freshman 24kGldn and StaySolidRocky, The album features a versatile mix of artists, styles, and sounds. The final product is a triumphant album and an exciting official debut for some of the most promising young producers in the game.