Tik Tok stars who don’t deserve the hype

Lindsey Peterson , Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard of tik tok, you have definitely been missing out. Tik Tok is a huge platform that allows many people to show their talents and give them a fan base. Tik Tok is full of dancers and lip syncers and actors. 

Charli D’Amelio really blew up this year and is now the biggest content creator on the app with over 60 million supporters. She’s known for her dances and obsession for Dunkin Donuts, however she doesn’t deserve the hype. She is extremely humble for the position that she is in, which is why people love her, but I don’t understand why she has the hype. She is a great dancer but all she does is steal other creators dances and give them credit in the caption. She is super bubbly and positive and uses her platform for good but other than that she doesn’t deserve the hype. 

Josh Richards is also a big creator on the app. He is known for flexing in his videos too hard and being a little rude to his girlfriend but plays it off as a joke, which I’m sure it is. However he recently blew up even more with Bryce Hall for a diss track on Lil Hiddy or Chase Hudson. All three have had the hype at some point and now it’s just a tennis match to see who’ll have the most hype. 

I think it’s time to pass it onto the actual comedians on the app because I’m tired of seeing boys taking off their shirts to flex, they look extremely uncomfortable.