Don’t take this time for granted

Kellie Miles, Photographer

Although most of us think that quarantine has been stupid and we didn’t like it, don’t take this time for granted. We get to see our families and do projects that we have been needing to do. I know some of you may have some family you don’t see too often, and I hope that with this opportunity of not being able to do pretty much anything that you got to see that family. This time with our families is priceless, even though we may not think so right now. We have so much opportunity for our families to grow and do amazing things together as we get closer and fight during a hard time.

Also, have you seen all the things that people have been doing? Everyone is finally getting around to do that project they have always wanted to do because they finally have the time for it! I have seen so many people, including myself, do projects and improve their homes over this time which is making people happy because they finally get to do what they have been wanting to do.

We are reconnecting with the planet! This is so huge. There are so many people going outside and reconnecting with our planet. The earth is so beautiful and it’s good to see everyone go outside and enjoy this good weather while we have it.

So, although these aren’t easy times we are doing it, we are all fighting together to make things get better. Not long from now everything will be back to normal and we will all be okay again. So enjoy the extra time you have now and spend time with your families and get outside. Finish the school year strong. We will all see each other soon and have a fantastic summer. Don’t take this time for granted, it’s priceless even in hard times.