What to binge during quarantine

Lilly Lisznyai, Staff Writer

There hasn’t been much to do at home except watch movies and shows on streaming platforms like Netflix. Netflix has been pushing out a lot of shows and movies for its users to watch since the stay at home order was enforced in March. Here are some of the best Netflix original shows to binge watch and make your streaming life a little less boring. 


If you are into the world of mystery, adventure, and a little bit of romance, then the show Outer Banks is the one for you. The show was released to Netflix on April 15th and has been a big hit ever since. It takes place on a small island by the east coast. The island is separated from two different types of people. The “kooks” and the “pogues.” The two parties are divided by money and feud through the entire show. As a group of “pogues” are on a mission to find hidden wealth, they face many issues and barriers to prevent them from finding the treasure. This series is full of suspense and action. It is definitely worth binging all day. 


The investigative show about Joe Exotic, Tiger King, has been a huge hit and talked about for a while in the media. This show tells the story of the big cat breeder and how he ended up serving  a 22 year sentence in prison. It involves many of Joe Exotics friends, family, and opponents, with the main one being Carole Baskin. Many memes and jokes have been made about the show on social media. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend binging it right away. 


Kenya Barris is using his new Netflix comedy to express a heightened version of his personal life. #blackaf was released on April 17th and has had everyone laughing since. Like his hit ABC sitcom Black-ish, this show is based on his real-life and shows his struggles and family through the eyes of his second-oldest daughter who is making a documentary as a part of her NYU application. The show also reflects on their history and generations before. This show will have you laughing and crying and crying at the same time. 


The most inspiring and intense show yet, Unorthodox. The show stars Shira Haas as a 19-year-old bride in an unhappy arranged marriage. One day she builds up the courage to break out of the barriers set for her and searches for her mother who fled her and her alcoholic father at a young age. This show shows her encounters and struggles of trying to get out of her toxic community. It tells the story of personal discovery as well as loss with a spy thriller intensity


More Netflix original series that are worth binging include; Never Have I Ever, The Society, Elite, Money Heist, and many more. 


Quarantine can get pretty boring at times. Sometimes the only thing we can do is watch movies or shows on streaming platforms. Many more shows are planned to release on Netflix during the month of May, but for now, these shows are definitely worth watching until then.