“beautiful flaws” by Portage Northern alumni review

Brianna Neuhouser, Digital Media Manager

On March 20th, 2020, the Instagram account @foxwoodstudios, run by PN alumni, the Labian family, posted an announcement: the most recent Labian graduate, Chloe published a book of poetry and pre-orders were now available. The book is titled “beautiful flaws” and it covers a wide range of topics, including love, loss, home, and family. 

Many orders were received Thursday, April 9th, and it’s hard not to tear through the hundred pages of raw emotion Labian lets her readers into. Her style is very singularly her own, and in the age of Instagram poets and Rupi Kaur, having a personal voice is something truly extraordinary. While her formatting is similar to Kaur’s, the voice and diction are so distinctively Labian’s. As a Michigan reader, the things she references hit home especially hard. Her poems resonate with many young readers, especially women. One of her last poems begs her female readers to understand that even if they don’t feel it, they are loved. 

Her book cannot get enough words of praise. Her emotions are raw and unfiltered. On the surface, the book is stunning, and below that, it lets people understand the pain teen girls go through. It’s a life lesson in a neat package and that’s incredibly important in today’s society. If you have extra money, the book is available on foxwoodstudio.com and I would highly recommend you pick it up for this quarantine.