Lilly Lisznyai, Staff Writer

Spring break is a breath of fresh air for all students. While some visit tropical beaches, others are having a staycation in their own home. Although the idea of a refreshing break warms the heart, is spring break the best time to go there? Most people have the fear of missing out when it comes to Spring break. Although a staycation might not come with an ocean view, there are many other benefits to staying home.


There is no doubt that spring break is supposed to be a time to rejuvenate and take a break from school. However, is planning a trip relaxing? If you think about it, planning a trip can take from 6 months to a year, not to mention all the money it costs to go on a trip. On average, a vacation to a southern state, like Florida or California, can cost $3,000 to $5,000. All that money and time spent, all just for one week in the sun. You could save the money you would’ve used on vacation for something with a higher priority in the future. 


I think most people can agree that large crowds get annoying really fast. No one likes their toes getting stepped on, drinks getting spilled on them, and obviously, the obnoxious screams of everyone else in the crowd. It’s almost like a concert, filled with sweaty people yelling in your ear. Sounds fun during the time we’re supposed to be relaxing, right? During spring break these crowds are everywhere, especially at night in the big cities. When you are at home, there are no large crowds to push you over. 


Although it sounds like a buzzkill, you could spend time organizing and cleaning during spring break. It’s been proven that having a clean environment can make one feel better about themselves and be more productive. With the SAT’s coming up, you could also use Spring break to study and prepare yourself. Unlike vacationing, both these activities are free. 


There are many other fun things to do during spring break. Hanging out with friends could be refreshing. It’s always nice to be able to catch up with your friends and do something fun with them. You could also do something as simple as making plans for a solo or group spa appointment or dinner at a fancy restaurant. You could even cook your own full course meal or learn some new recipes. Some hotels or shops even have staycation specials. Almost every hotel also has a pool or hot tub to add to the experience. Making a DIY project or getting crafty is a way to bring out your creative side. A nice day out could be relaxing, fun, and cheap while still feeling like a real vacation. 


Spring Break is meant to be a time to relax no matter where you are. It doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive experience in order for it to be fun or relaxing. Staying home for spring break can always be fun even if you’re not in the sun. So next time you are home for the break, take advantage of it and enjoy yourself.