Notes to Northern


PN Students

“Jack Block, you are like a big bundle of teddy bears and hugs all combined into one.” – Ally Rabe

“Lauren LaLonde and Maddie Lockhart, thanks for bringing life into lunch and ‘gracing’ us with your singing and interesting dancing.” – Hannah Teerman

“Gabby Childers, you are so incredibly strong. Hang in there!” – Megan McKenzie and Sarah Cornell

“Attention all girls at PN: ‘Each and every one of you is smart, beautiful, and wonderful the way you are. Don’t let anyone tell you differently!’” – Molly Garcia

“Mr. Plunkett, thanks for asking how’s my day going; it’s the little things that count.” – Nollen Partee

‘Mrs. Poulsen, thank you for always brightening my morning!” – Anonymous

“To the girl I passed in the hall wearing the DFTBA shirt, ‘you’re awesome!’” – Anonymous.

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