Top 10 Best Smells

The Northern Light’s Ally Rabe lists her Top 10 Best Smells

Ally Rabe, Sports Editor

1. Sunscreen. It is the type of smell that hits you with so much deja vu where you suddenly feel like you’re on the beach in the tropics.

2. Freshly baked food. Whether it be your grandma’s homemade chocolate chippers, the popcorn at school on wednesdays, or your steak on the grill, this smell is sure to make your taste buds surrender.

3. Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer. Out of the dozens of scents they produce, there are very few that people dislike. Look on a girl’s backpack and most will have these attached.

4. Rain. Whether it be a light rain or a thunderstorm, the sweet aroma of fresh air and water drops is comforting to any who take a sniff.

5. Vanilla. Those who have ever gotten a whiff of vanilla know the delicious scent it gives. And while it may taste like garbage, it smells delightful.

6. Oranges.  This overpowering scent fills a room and everyone’s noses as soon as someone starts to peel an orange. Tastes good and smells good; it’s a double whammy.

7. Bonfire. Burning wood on a chilly night is way too good of a combination.  Add s’mores to the mix and you got yourself heaven in a pit.

8. Paint. Who cares if it’s toxic, a freshly painted room or an opened can of paint is refreshing. Just don’t sniff too long…

9. Flowers. Who doesn’t love getting a bouquet of flowers? Not only are they gorgeous to look at, they are a natural air freshener for your home.

10. Coffee. Whether you like to drink coffee or not, the aroma is easy to enjoy. Even just smelling a cup makes for a cozy and toasty feeling.