I Love You

Brianna Neuhouser, Web Editor

It’s the third date with the person you’ve known your entire life. It’s going perfectly. Everything you ever wanted from the person you’ve always dreamt of. Your breath catches in your throat, the significant other’s hand wrapped in your own, three words the only thing you can think. But is it too soon? 

As a generation, teenagers are so touch starved and emotionally devoid. Despite what older generations may believe, the root of the problem isn’t in our internet addiction. In fact, our openness online may have a positive effect on the way teenagers are able to express their love. 

Teenagers have developed a different language entirely to express fondness for each other. If anyone has ever said “text me when you get home,” or waited until you were inside to drive away, this is an alternate way to say those words we all want to hear. This way of saying it proves just as much  that they care about your well-being and safety. 

Many generations before us believed that “I love you” was a phrase that should not be said without deep consideration. But what’s the purpose of hiding the warm fuzzies? Love is an emotion in this world that could solve so many problems. If everyone just loved their neighbors, regardless of skin tone, sexuality, gender, anything really, the world would be a much nicer place.