Go For It!

Katie Knight, Staff Writer

Hesitation. Uncertainty. Doubt. These emotions form heavy shackles forged of despair that prevent even the most determined individual from reaching their aspirations. What could be stronger than the grip of indecision, crushing its captors with the weight of dreams never realized? What immense power could overcome the malevolent lie of a predetermined defeat? Three simple words; Go. For. It.  No other words can inspire as much courage as these. Whether shouted from the rooftops or whispered in the shadows, each syllable radiates with confidence. A powerful clarity frees the mind from the cage of deception which held it prisoner for so long. Finally, a course of action has been decided, the path is cleared for travel. On the horizon shines a bright light, glowing with hope of success, a longing which would have remained dormant without those three words. If such an encouraging phrase was never spoken, the world would be dreary; filled with uniform ranks of homogenous faces. To them, failure is a certainty, loneliness, a way of life. No light shines when every person spews darkness from their lips. So use your voice to spread light. Encourage others, free them from the binds which have kept them from joy for so long. Reach within yourself and find those three simple words. Then, go for it!