Top ten things we love about Thanksgiving

Second Hour Journalism Class combines their top ten things they enjoy about Thanksgiving.

1. SCHOOL BREAK: We will take a three-day break from school. Thanksgiving conveniently allows us to relax and catch up on some needed sleep. It’s an aspect that anyone can appreciate about Thanksgiving. No tests, no cramming, no projects, and, teachers, you better not even think about assigning homework!

2. THE TURKEY HAND PAINTING: Everyone remembers those days back in school when teachers had us trace our hands and make a turkey out of it! Well, now’s the time when your mom pulls out those elementary assignments and we can relive those elementary moments.

3. THE INTERROGATION: Every time the whole family is together, it’s a given that you’ll be answering lots of questions. “So, who’s the girlfriend?” “What are your grades?” “Staying out of trouble?” “How many inches have you’ve grown?” Sound familiar?

4. BLACK FRIDAY: Ok, so we know that it’s the day after Thanksgiving, but even from when we were little, we have fun memories of heading out at 4:00 AM and standing in line in the freezing cold just to get $10 Tupperware, but at the same time having a blast with our crazy moms and cousins.

5. PIE: Pie!!! Pie!!! Give me some pie!

6. UGLY SWEATERS: What says “I’m a total nerd” besides cheesy Thanksgiving or holiday sweaters, made from grandma’s hands and now irritating your skin.

7. VIDEO GAME BATTLES/RIVALRIES: Every year, my cousins and I play video games for hours, looking for braggin’ rights.

8. WISHING BONE: Nothing is more American than fighting over who gets to snap the turkey’s wish bone in half and actually believing your wish will come true! MERICA!!!!

9. THE LIONS: Yes, they probably will lose again on Thanksgiving, but while we have the background noise of announcers talking about how much they suck and our families talking about how much they hope they have for the Lions future and knowing it’s all talk. However, we have mashed potatoes to accompany us and distract us from the sad reality that our Lions will NEVER win a Super Bowl.

10. A DAY TO BE THANKFUL: Might sound cheesy, but for real. Think about it. How many big and even little things happen in our daily lives we take for granted? There are tons of things to be grateful. Just the fact that we can do math or breathe – Yeah!