First Job Experiences

Lindsey Peterson, J1 Staff Member

 As soon as I turned 15, I got my first job at a fast food restaurant, and I would recommend it to anyone. First jobs are a great experience: it’s good to start young and build that work ethic.

When my mom sent me a link to apply online in the summer, I honestly applied as a joke; I didn’t think I’d get the job. A few days later, I got a call from the manager to set up an interview. When I went there I was so nervous because I had never eaten anything from there and I didn’t know anything about the place. Of course, one question he asked was: “Why do you want to work here?” 

Not wanting to look unprepared, I said something like, “uhhhh the food here is really great and everytime I come here the customer service is great!” Just when I thought I was off the hook, he asked, “What’s your favorite thing on the menu?”  I didn’t know what they had, but the menu was behind him and I tried to peak around him to see the menu. I realized I was taking too long to answer, so I said the only reasonable thing, and that was, “Oh I get a different thing every time so I don’t really have a favorite.”

Surprisingly I got the job, and for the most part, the people I work with are very nice. Getting a job teaches you so many new skills, like multitasking, communication, timing, and being responsible with your own money, which is great because we all know that adult that acts like a second-grader in a candy shop on payday. Getting my first job was honestly great; I met new friends, had more freedom, and learned new skills. I think everyone should get a job when they can and experience what it’s like to work before you’re an adult. 

Many other PN students have had positive job experiences as well. Ian Case has been working at Erbelli’s Gourmet pizzeria since July 2018. Through his hard work, he has been asked to take the position as the kitchen manager. “It’s an amazing job that I would recommend to anyone, I’ve gotten many of my classmates hired there,” he says. Even when business is slow Case says that they stay at work by cleaning or “getting our closing list done, and afterwards we socialize if we have time.” Tim Lunney had worked a summer job at Portage Animal Hospital. Lunney says it was a great job that he loved because he got to work with animals, and there was never a day that wasn’t fun. He said “it was a great experience that I would recommend to anyone!” he says. 

Getting a job is one of the next big steps you’ll take in life. A few places start to hire at 15 years old, like fast food places.Getting a job is really a great experience that will get you far; it’s almost like a small loan to start your “adult” life.