Netflix’s wacky Christmas of 2019

Isabelle Burnett, J1 Staff Writer

Oh boy, Netflix is back at it again with these really cringy Christmas movies…even Rotten Tomato reviews were unsure what to do with the movies Netflix dumped on their lap this year. 

First on the Christmas movie list is Holiday in the Wild, a story centered around a recently divorced woman on a short trip turned extended stay in Africa. She meets a man, of course, and they hit it off and celebrate christmas together. 

Besides the actual story, the movie discusses a real world problem, and the heartwarming ending leads into a call to action that is nicely executed.

Next there’s A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish, or alternatively, what did I just watch. If the actual storytelling doesn’t confuse or anger you, the obvious auto-tuning on every song will.

Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie relatively high in relation to the actual content that was given. The story is a repeat of every Cinderella story ever, but with that little bit of cringy Netflix Christmas pizazz.

The story line was very obvious, which is expected of a Cinderella story, but it was told as though it was original.

Finally, The Knight before Christmas is an odd one for sure. All RottenTomatoes has to say about it is that it makes absolutely no sense, but that’s okay. 

While watching this surrounded by family, I realized that it doesn’t matter how crappy the movie is. All that matters is that you can make fun of it with your family, and if that means that you’ll be yelling “Old Crone!” at one another, then I couldn’t ask for a better holiday to do it.

Honestly, Netflix did a fantastic job with The Knight Before Christmas and that’s not something anyone may have expected. It may just be that there’s a soft spot somewhere in my heart for movies and TV shows like Merlin, but I genuinely loved it.