Nott prepares to lead students to Italy in Summer 2020

Kaylin Kyle, J1 Staff Writer

On Wednesday the 18th, in the lower commons art room, art teacher Sarah Nott held an informational meeting about the upcoming trip to Italy this summer. “I have always loved Greek and Roman art since I was in college. I have a soft spot for it- and, I’ve been to Italy before. And I loved it, had really wonderful experiences … You wouldn’t have to be an art person to just enjoy Italy as a country,” she says. The trip is scheduled to be ten days long, landing in Venice then traveling to Florence, and then to Sorrento, from there to Naples and Pompeii, Capri and then ending in Rome.


Privately funded by students, the program allows parents to pay like a credit card: families can pay a couple hundred dollars a month instead of doling out the whole amount. The payment covers the expense of a guide, hotel rooms, meals, and medical expenditures. Nott states that the trips only need about six students to be able to travel abroad, and currently there are 11 students signed up/interested to go. “Enough people to do things, but not enough to fill up a bus, she says. ““It’s life changing. It changes how you see yourself, you figure out more of who you are. It’s a very good experience in becoming brave.”


Prospective traveler senior Jasmine Barnes is not new to trips abroad: last year she traveled with the school and other students to Japan. Her motivation for going on the trip is simple: “Having fun. Living life while you can. It’s a good way to learn about different cultures, and instead of sitting in a classroom being there teaches you more.” Sophomore Liza Coryell came to the Italy trip in a different way: she was originally interested in the Spanish Department’s Peru trip, but the Italy trip is more accommodating to her Cerebral Palsy. “There will be more places to rest, and less things I would have to omit,” she says, interested “to see beautiful locations and soak in as much Italy as I can plus experience Europe and feel relaxed and comfortable.”


This is not the first trip Nott has led for PN. Last year Nott organized to go to Japan with over twenty students and physics teacher Colin Killmer. Nott has also confirmed that in the summer of 2020-2021, students of PN are taking another trip to Japan.  She says her end goal is to get on the off years from the Spanish trip so that students can partake in as many opportunities abroad as possible. For more information, visit, which features more in-depth information of the trip, including a map showing where students will go from to the pricings of the trip, or email Nott directly at [email protected].