Grade wars and how they negatively impact self esteem

Grade wars and how they negatively impact self esteem

Arushi Mithal, Staff Writer

You walk in to math class, nervously anticipating to find out what your final grade is on the last exam. Everyone gets their papers back, some exclaim, comparing their grades that seem to be quite high. You finally get your test back, and a waterfall of dread washes over your face. You barely passed. You begin to calm yourself down when suddenly you friend asks you,”Hey,what did you get?!” with a smile on their face. You lie and say you got an A, but the feelings of guilt and jealousy flood your senses yet again.

Throughout the years, as teens develop their personality and mentality, they change themselves drastically to fit certain standards, which therefore results in a loss of necessary self esteem. Students lose confidence in their abilities and in their future. This lack of confidence for having a successful future results in stunts in academic progress which is a currently a serious issue, especially in local High Schools. The never ending competition for who gets an “A” and who doesn’t only damages the student mindset. But a lack of self esteem is something that seems hard to improve, however it is certainly not impossible. People feel under confident walking through the hallways daily in an environment as competitive as high school. Students could lose confidence because of their supposed “social status” or amount of A’s they currently have. The most important thing is for students and staff to make students feel as comfortable as possible, regardless of their personality or academic ability to help everyone’s self esteem.

But there are also other ways to keep calm when feeling overwhelmed maintaining good grades along with preparing for final exams and SAT’s. The first is to remember that the type of college you go to does not have as much importance as you think. Many students spend years trying to get into their favorite college, which is great, but not the only option. If you go to a college that is not ranked the best, but still has the classes you need to succeed, there is no problem with it at all. After all, it is better to do well at a less famous college rather than struggle with the workload of a more advanced college.
Another important thing to remember is to have fun with high school activities and events. You might think that it is never beneficial to waste time with recreational things, but this is extremely important for mental health. If you are under less stress, you will feel happier and more comfortable in your regular environment. Your self esteem will probably improve, so this is an essential thing not to forget.

It is natural for people to always care about the opinions of their fellow peers, and the most logical approach for maintaining self esteem is remembering that in ten years, you won’t even talk to most of your classmates. People in high school are quick to judge, but it is always more important to do your best rather than focus your energy on pleasing others.