2019 Spring Blood Drive

Natalie Grinder, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to do something that could do some good in the world. Well the blood drive that comes to the school twice a year is a perfect time to do it. You could save 3 lives just by one donation of blood.

Megan Chow was the leader of the blood drive committee for the second blood drive of the year. Chow and her committee had been working hard to set up everything that is needed for blood drive. ”Basically right now we are making sure that students who sign up for blood drive are eating right and drinking lots of water before their donation to help make the donation process go easily” says Chow.

In the blood drive committee were Kalina Dusenbery, Hayden VanderWeele, Grace Freed, Taryn Cooper, Diego Viramontes, and Colin Carroll.

Signs ups were up for a few weeks. At the end 70 people had signed up. To sign up you had to be 16 or older. If you are 16 and hadn’t donated before you need to fill out the green form with parent signature. If you are 17-19 you did not need parent signature, you just had to fill out the form if they haven’t already in past years.

The officers (Scotty Fargo, Sarah Headapohl, Megan Chow, and Gracie McGrath) were helping in the blood drive all day. There were two shifts for the day so that most of the senators have a chance to volunteer. Both shifts had two runners, two igloo food table advisors, and two community room food table advisors.

The morning shift was from 7:15-11:30 (1-4). The runners were Grace Freed and I. The igloo food table advisors were Jaime Sackett and Anai Freeman. The community room food table advisors were Abbi Kelly and Kalina Dusenbery.

The afternoon shift was from 11:30-3:30 (5-7). The runners were Abram Roseboom and Gabi Ford. The igloo food table advisors were Sara Gleason and Kennedi Stinnette. The community room food table advisors were Taryn Cooper, and Hayden VanderWeele.