The hallways at Portage Northern

The hallways during passing time can be full of unusual sights at Portage Northern.


PN students blur their way through the halls.

Ben Beach, News Editor

“I see a lot of really strange things in the hallways,” said Matthew Krinock (10). A walk through the halls at Portage Northern can yield some surprising sights. For example, “On the third floor, there’s a group of people that block the entire hallway in front of the bathrooms, and I have to push past to get through,” said Krinock. This is just one of the many unusual occurrences that one might encounter while passing through the hallways on the way to class.

Another interesting item that now pervades the hallways are the ukuleles, which have now been adopted by approximately 10 students. The effect that these ukulele players have are mixed; however, some, such as Tiffany Mizikar (12) feel that, “It adds spirit; I know some people who enjoy singing to the ukuleles.” Others, such as Rachel Torres (10), remain indifferent. “I don’t really care. It doesn’t affect me at all,” said Torres.

A second occurrence that is now common in the hallways is that some students have elected to not wear shoes. “It’s pretty nasty because the floors are dirty,” said Mizikar. “I think it’s against the dress code,” said Torres, “it doesn’t really bother me though.” These antics, while perhaps in violation of schools policy, affect very few people overall; it’s only when people get in the way of others as they go about their daily tasks that these actions becomes irritating.

“I find it irritating when people are just standing in the hallway blocking my way,” said Krinock. The actions that some take in the hallways, either for attention, or for enjoyment, clearly affect very few people though; for the most part, it is evident that most of the student body fails to care about the actions of these groups of people.