Bowling teams near the end of season qualifying two for state

Sheila Mwanda, Entertainment Editor

PN’s 3 bowling teams are nearing the end of  an incredible season, with their boys team at 8-3, girls at 7-4 and with two players making an advance to the State meet.

This season, the team did exceptionally well at several meets including the South West Michigan High School Bowling League meet and at Regionals. “I felt proud. The energy at [the SWMHSB] meet was crazy,” commented senior Kaylynn Dodge. Boys Varsity won first place during the meet with girls coming in third after Paw Paw and Otsego. “It was probably the most exciting moment in my life,” said senior Alex Peter. The team continued its success at Regionals, where seniors Gracie Hatfield and Nate Curl made it to States.

In addition to several team successes, many players had an exceptional season individually. Seniors Cris Smith, Nate Curl, Gracie Hatfield in addition to sophomore Mandi Daniels all have had an exceptional season. “[Mandi] continued to improve and excel this season and was arguably one of our best bowlers this season,” said Coach Michael Schneider.  Senior Jade Miller and sophomore Xander Morris both had outstanding first seasons this year.

“The most exciting part of the season for me was our regional performance this year. We struggled to be consistent with our spare making most of this season, and didn’t put together games like we could have this year,” says Schneider.