Fashion on the fly

Here is some fall advice for any girl or boy in high school. The do’s and do not’s of this fall season.


Molly Garcia, Staff Writer


+ Combat boots
When people think of combat boots, they think of big clunky black boots worn by Goth kids, but not all combats look like something from the closet of Edward Scissorhands. Pair them with skinny jeans and you are good to go. Or if you are feeling daring, wear them with a dress or skirt.

– Ugg boots
Sorry, ladies, I know many of you will strongly disagree, but it is time to retire your UGG’s. Odds are they are covered in water stains and smell as though they have been shut in a football player’s gym locker for weeks.

+ High low skirts
Short in the front, gradually lengthening towards the back, every girl looks stunning in a high low skirt. They are perfect for any occasion.

– Pleather skirts
Pleather is imitation leather made from polyurethane. Even the definition sounds repulsive. It looks tacky and out of style so it is best to leave pleather in the 80’s where it belongs.

+ Galaxy print
Shirts, pants, shoes, scarves, the possibilities are endless. Just remember a little goes a long way.

– Animal print
This is not the African Savanna. Although high school can seem like a jungle, there is no need for leopards and zebras to be roaming the halls.


+Bold high tops
Step outside of your comfort zone, guys. Rock the retro look!

– Socks and sandals
This has never been and never will be an acceptable look. Unless you are going as a middle-aged tourist for Halloween, withdraw this look from your wardrobe as the rest of us attempt to erase it from our minds.

+ Layers
Collared button-up shirt under a cardigan is perfect for the cold months ahead of us. Maybe even try a patterned button-up under a solid color.

– Low cut V necks
Don’t get me wrong, a girl loves a guy in a V neck but many guys are taking the V to new lengths, literally. In this case, the smaller, the better.

+ Slim fit khakis
Such a wonderful clean cut look that any guy can rock. You’ll be looking sharp, and don’t forget, ladies love a well dressed man.

– Skinny jeans
Come on guys, can you even breathe? Do you have any feeling left in your legs? Scientific discoveries have revealed that tight pants can cause permanent nerve damage. Not only is it hazardous to your style but also to your health.