It’s that time again: Breadlift 2013


Sarah Cornell, Entertainment Editor

On November 23rd, Portage Northern students will go out to local neighborhoods and sell loaves of bread to raise money for premature babies.

“It is actually crazy how popular breadlift is here at Portage Northern compared to other schools around us. Our school is the most successful at raising money for March of Dimes each year,” said Zawistowski. There is no doubt that Portage Northern has always been a success at raising money. There has always been a competition between schools to raise the most money. “Student senate has this little ‘traveling trophy’ between Portage Central and Portage Northern, but the funny thing is it has never actually traveled to Portage Central because we raise the most each year,” said Zawistowski. “It’s fun doing it and the competitive spirit is an added bonus,”said Aisha Thaj (11).

There is no doubt that Breadlift can be a competitive event, but it is also an event where students can spend time with their friends and the community while supporting a good cause. “There is a whole new joy in volunteering with friends,” said Naveneet Kaur(11).

“Students really get involved and love to participate; I think this is the one time of the year we all pull together as a Huskie family and make a difference,”said Zawistowski. For students who plan on participating in Breadlift this year, shirts are ten dollars and go on sale November 17th through the 22nd. Get them soon and sign up to help raise the record goal of $16,500 this year.