“Neon Moon” Review

Abby Vanderberg, Journalism 1 Writer

Cigarettes After Sex released “Neon Moon”, originally by Brooks & Dunn, on Monday, December 17th at 12:00 am. This beautiful song speaks about losing a lover, and all the wistful sorrow. The song speaks about how the world is bathed in blue, with blue signifying sadness. After losing someone, whether it be a breakup or another circumstance, your eyes only seem to take in that color. Cigarettes After Sex expose the loneliness of this song so well, arguably more than Brooks & Dunn. Though this song is originally a country song which tend to have a happier feel to it, Cigarettes After Sex turns the melody into a sad, lonely piece.

The song has a melodious, haunting effect. I felt myself swaying and feel nostalgic as the tune went on. Each note left me so breathless. “Neon Moon” made me remember these moments in my life that left me with emotions I can’t put into words. The only way I can describe this is “empty”.. I know how that sounds, but this cover is speaking of feeling heartbroken and empty. I find my mind to be filled with the lyrics. Especially, “Oh, but I’ll be alright. As long as there’s light. From a neon moon” Definitely check out this song and the band.

4.9/5 stars