Water polo team plays in district tournament

Liam Fagan, Staff Writer

The Portage Muskies played in the water polo districts on October 19, and only one team stood between them and the Regionals. 

“On Friday, we are playing Grandville,” senior Will Compton said before the tournament, “and on Saturday (Oct. 20) we are playing Rockford. We need to just beat one team to advance to Regionals and if we lose to Grandville we are out of the tournament.” Compton’s confidence came from the fact that they had beaten Grandville 18-3 the last time they played. 

The 4 seeded Muskies did beat the 5 seed Grandville 12-5, but fell to Rockford in the next round by a score of 14-6. Rockford was the number 1 seed and went on to win the district tournament by beating the 3 seed East Kentwood by a score of 17-3.