We should be more careful with the plastic in our oceans


In the eyes of a hungry sea animal, this plastic bag may very well look like a delicious jellyfish. But in eating it, the animal may choke and die.

Melissah Morris-Adkins, Journalism 1 Writer

The average person consumes 4.6 pounds of garbage a day. The average four person family consumes 18.4 pounds of garbage a day and a family of four produces 570.4 pounds of garbage a month. Within a year, the household produces 6,844.8 pounds a year. Just in the US alone, we produce 254 million pounds of garbage  and recyclable things a year in which only 34.3 percent is recycled. So what can happen to help?

All of us need to start to reducing the waste we put into our oceans. There are multiple ways that this can be done. We just need to take the action in doing so. The first thing that can be done is make it where we don’t have to pay to have to have recycling pick up.

The cities should want to keep our oceans clean and keep garbage out of landfills. The reason why they use landfills it’s because it cheaper in cost for the city as it doesn’t require any of the labor or materials that facilitate recycling. However, trash that is often intended to end up in landfills often ends up in the environment. We need to make it possible for the next generation to enjoy the wonder that  the oceans and land hold for them.

   If we keep  putting garbage, especially plastic, into our oceans, then one day there won’t be any marine life to watch the wonder it holds besides in aquariums.Already, microplastics are bioacculumating into ocean life.People need to make it possible for our ocean life to live as long as they possibly can. All of us need to keep the plastic, glass, paper, etc. out of our oceans.

     It’s going to be hard just to immediately change our, habits but we can take baby steps in the right directions. It will likely take quite a few years to get to the point where we all recycle without thinking, but if we start now, then we can make that change within the years to come.