Freshman Carrie Jacobson prepares to be a Huskie wrestler


Hailee Clark, Journalism 1 Staff

The smell of B.O. in the air, coaches yelling instructions while the crowd cheers from the stands, adrenaline pumping, heart racing, but mind completely clear and ready for action. Freshman wrestler Carrie Jacobson talks about her inspiration for picking up wrestling and how a physical issue won’t hold her back.

Previously attending West middle school, Jacobson developed her love for wrestling at an early age. In fact, wrestling changed her life. After she quit gymnastics she found herself looking for another hobby alongside writing and singing. Wrestling was just the thing.

She explains that a problem with her knee may cause problems with her ability to participate in wrestling. During Jacobson’s first big meet, her knee popped out of place. However, she fought on through the meet, and then was rushed to the hospital right after. Eventually, she was put through physical therapy, which is what she plans on pursuing in the future.

She had some advice for anyone who has a physical problem or injury that keeps them from doing what they want to do: “Don’t let your physical conditions hold you back from what you love doing, keep the mind set that you can do it, because it just takes time.”

Jacobson’s older brother, Austin Gulick, look up to his younger sister. “Her best traits are her personality and character. She is one of the most caring people I know and puts herself before others,” he says. “She is also very confident in who she is and in all things she does. I envy that very much.”

While he speaks warmly about her, Jacobson looks up to her older brother as a role model. He is very supportive of her wrestling: “I love the fact the she is wrestling! It is a great sport and will only help in the future with confidence and mental toughness,” he says. “I was nervous at first, but she has shown me that she is very determined and tough. Being an ex wrestler myself, it has brought back so many good memories. Whenever she’s on the mat, I feel as if I’m out there with her. It’s been exciting and fun to watch and I can’t wait to see what she does this season. Her hard work and determination will take her far in the sport and in life.”