Melissah Adkins hopes to emulate JK Rowling in her future writing career


Melissah works on one of her stories. “This was a little short story; it didn’t really turn out the way I wanted it to, so I didn’t finish it.” Photo by Jackie Morris.

Kaylynn Dodge, Journalism 1 Staff

Melissah Adkins pushes all of her hanging clothes to the side of  her closet to reveal a overflowing bookshelf. She has no idea what to read. To Kill A Mockingbird? No. The Selection? Nah. The Fault In Our Stars? Nope. Oh here we go, Harry Potter! She lays on her bed and enjoys the book from her favorite author…for the 14th time.

Adkins is a sophomore that not only loves reading, but also writing. She’s been really getting into writing since she was in 4th grade, and has even worked on a couple books of her own. Her personal books varies between drama, adventure and romance. “The book I’m most proud of is this one I’m writing about angels,” the said.

She is currently taking journalism 1, which is the only English-related course she’s taking other than English 10. “I just don’t know right now. Some of them interest me while other classes don’t interest me as much,” she said.  Her goal is to become a better writer and have better description in her future stories.

Melissah is mostly inspired by J.K. Rowling. “There are a lot of great authors out there, but she is my top favorite.” She has read the Harry Potter series countless times and is obsessed with it. She even learned some of her techniques of writing by reading books from Rowling.

Melissah is still thinking about what she wants to do in her future and is not quite sure if she wants to be an author or not. “I thought of doing it, but there’s other things I inspire to be. But my mom told me that when I was 5, I said I wanted to be an author.”

Melissah’s mom, Jackie Morris, has seen her talent since she was 6. She is a huge fan of romance novels which is something Mellissah writes about. Growing up, Morris noticed had an overactive imagination. Jackie is the only person that has read all of her books and does whatever she can to help. “I have gave her ideals what she should write and keep tell her she is doing amazing job when I get to read what she write she does amazing job and i am so proud of her.”

Her father Arthur Adkins he isn’t a big reader unless it comes horror like It by Stephen King. Melissah doesn’t really share much of her writing with Adkins as much as her mother but he has read a couple of her stories. He said he discovered her writing when she was in “1st or 2nd grade.”

If she actually pursues to become an author in her future, she hopes to inspire young people through her work. Maybe even have some movies that feature her books (as long as they don’t miss any important plots of scenes). Melissah will even write sequels to books depending on the ending or if she fully grew to love the book and the characters.

If anyone ever wants to become an author, she will fully support. “As long as they’re doing what they love doing and have a good imagination, then you should do whatever makes you happy.”