Haunting Halloween

A look at what Northern students’ and staffs’ favorite Halloween costumes were.


Sammy Melvin, Staff Writer

Halloween is quickly approaching and little kids are lining up to embark on their trick-or-treating adventure. However, despite our age, some people may still dress up for the fun of it but not necessarily go out, and others dress up just to go get candy. It is always fun to get free candy from hard working parents who would probably much rather spend their money providing for their families. Seeing little kids in cute costumes is the highlight of my Halloween night. And everyone has that one favorite costume that they once wore…


Rachel Hurwitz (12) – “I was Jane (from Tarzan) and it was really cool because all of the other girls were princesses and I was like a hipster!”


Mrs. Augustine, guidance counselor, – “When I was 7, I was a ballerina, and oh my was I beautiful! I mean, I thought I was beautiful and that’s all that matters.”


Sarah Melgar (11) – “My favorite Halloween costume that I wore was probably my cupcake costume. I made it and I was a red velvet cupcake with white frosting and red sprinkles. It would be cute if it wasn’t two years ago…”


Jack Block (12) – “I had a batman outfit when I was younger. It was so legit and I wish it still fit! I had so much swag.”


Kennedy Williams (9) – “I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I guess I’ve just always wanted to be a mermaid!”


Chris Spray (10) – “I was 13 and I was a swag fairy. I thought it would be funny because I had balloons as boobs; double d’s of course, eyelashes, a skirt, tights, a wig, wings, and a wand.”