Abstract Thinking

PN Senior Wondi Anemone Uses His Creativity and Culture to Create New Business


Wondi models one of his shirts

Connor Smith, Staff Writer

Actions taken in life are sometimes determined by past events. But these events are unlike the simple memories we hold; they have a deeper meaning to the reminiscing individual. Being separated from someone who holds a part of your soul would be difficult for anyone that has feeling, but separation has the power to ignite a flame within a creative mind. For Wondi Anemone (12), he experienced the ultimate division from his sister when adopted from the African country, Ethiopia. Constantly trying to imagine new ways to finally reunite with his sister, he envisioned an idea- An idea consisting of manufacturing and producing clothing with his specific design. Deciding to take a risk for what he believed in, Abstract One Clothing was born. Promoting his business, he quickly began to hand out and sell stickers with his logo, causing a curiosity within Portage Northern’s student body. With the word of mouth on his side, discussion about the new clothing line conveyed throughout the hallways. Everyone was hearing the gossip on the local clothing, even the few who didn’t know the creator of the line. After asking Breton Smith (10), on his opinion of Wondi’s abstract designs, it was clear that he is affecting more than just the peers personally familiar with him. “What Wondi is doing is awesome,” said Smith, “I can’t believe he’s accomplishing such a gigantic goal.”  While word spread throughout the school, staff members were also catching wind of the news on Abstract One and were beginning to become impressed with his commitment to the idea. “A student that can continue throughout school and manage to become a young entrepreneur along the way is headed in the path of success,” says business teacher Mr. Paffhausen, expressing his opinion on Abstract One’s progress in the business world. With the social media and the speed that word travels at between one another, there is no doubt that news of Anemone’s clothing will spread throughout the community.

But, success only comes when there are guidelines set to follow. And for Anemone, his guidelines continue to be a main priority when directing his company down the road of triumph. “Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you believe in because they don’t know what’s good for you,” said Anemone (12), “Only you know what you like, and if it makes you happy, that’s what matters most.” As for the outlook on Abstract One Clothing, Anemone is more than dedicated to continue until he can purchase his plane ticket and beyond.

Lost thoughts travel through the emptiness of time as they were shunned before being tested of greatness. Grasping onto an idea before it wanders beyond return, like Anemone has demonstrated, could result in the alteration of one’s life or achieving happiness that seems so distant. Following Anemone’s example will help guide supporters in the direction, in which if opportunity knocks, their position allows them to answer.

Check his clothing out at: abstractoneclothing.com