Dante Chastine: PN’s infamous door holder

Laura Koscinski, Staff Writer

Dante in the role people know him best for: a conscientious door holder. Photo by Laura Kosinski.

Most people probably know junior Dante Chastine as that kid who always holds the door open for everyone. What people other than his friends and family probably don’t know is what truly makes him who he is.

Dante is a very creative person who spends his time writing poems, reading books, or working on art. There are many types of poetry he likes, but “any kind of poetry is good. It really depends on how it’s written,” he says. This year he submitted one of his poems to the Literary Magazine. As far as inspiration, it depends on his emotions. “If I was feeling sad for example, I would write something about the event that lead me into that sadness,” he says.  Not only does he have a creative mind, but he also utilizes his athletic talents as a member of the JV bowling team.

Although holding the door for half the school every passing time is a very kind act, Dante said, “Honestly, I hold the door not necessarily because I have to, but also not because I want to. It’s a habit I’ve gotten myself into since freshman year. I don’t have any real reason why I hold the door, I just do it because I am used to holding doors for people.” Whether he notices it or not, his kind act is noticed by many others throughout the school. “I love that guy. I really appreciate how he always holds the door for me and others around the school,” said Junior Jeffery Mackenzie. Needless to say, Dante is a welcoming and kind person, and people like him make Portage Northern a better place to be.