The “sensitive phone addicts”

Staff and Lily Antor

Our generation is incessantly criticized, whether it be for using our phones too often, being too sensitive, or caring too much about our appearances. We are condemned because our generation is ‘different.’ Older people like our parents and teachers don’t understand us because we have grown up in a world drastically different from the one in which they were raised.

It is incredibly unfair, however, to dub this generation as “failed.” Every single generation varies in some degree from the previous one. As for us? We are the just the one some people cannot understand simply because they do not bother trying. Everyday we are reminded of the fact that adults think we don’t know how to communicate with others because we’re “always on our phones.” We are ridiculed because we “cannot get off our phones” or because we can’t look up for more than “two seconds.” The idea that we use technology too much is stupid. We don’t blame the previous generations for using the microwave or ball point pens too much. The use of technological devices is an inherent aspect of growing up in the twenty first century. There is nothing adults can do to change that.

Illustration by Megan Rinock

Not to mention that our parents seem to use technology just as much as we do. They shouldn’t act like they don’t buy their kids phones just to get them off their backs. Parents always seem to be tagging us in a new Facebook post whenever we leave the house. Rather than trying to break the stereotype that our generation is addicted to our phones, we should all accept that this is the age of technology for everyone. If you take a look around, you can see grandparents and parents glued to their phones: it’s not just us who struggle to look up sometimes.

The invention and innovation of technology is good, as we are able to use it not only to communicate, but to learn in an educational environment that is extremely competitive. Yeah, there are a ton of kids who are rude about their cell phone use, but there are also those of us who like socializing with others and know how because we are, contrary to popular belief, functioning human beings. Adults seem to always remind us millenials that we “don’t know real work” and that we’re “lazy.” What is real work and what makes ours any less important? We do not appreciate that our generation is labeled as lazy, sensitive and handed everything on a silver platter. Don’t assume that just because of the decade we were born in that we don’t have jobs. Plenty of us, in fact, manage part time jobs on top of all our school work and extracurriculars. People saying that this generation is full of “special snowflakes” is also idiotic. We should be happy that our society has advanced to the point where we feel comfortable to express who we are, rather than conforming to expectations of the past. We are smart, we are hardworking, and we are capable of cleaning up this mess of a world that baby boomers have left for us. If recognizing society’s weaknesses makes us “snowflakes” we are okay with that. Addressing mental health, minority struggles, and political issues does not make us weak. It makes us smart.

Lastly, if we hear one more time that we are self-absorbed, we may just lose it. Yes, some teenagers are constantly posting pictures of themselves and spending hours getting ready in the morning. However, we give props to those people for having confidence in themselves! Liking how you look is a gift, why not flaunt it? Self love should not be seen by older generations as shallow, it should be observed as an achievement. It is something that us youngins have been forced to teach ourselves in a world that constantly labels us as dressing “inappropriately” just for trying to be comfortable in our own skin. Taking selfies? It’s not self-obsession. It’s not being fake. It’s being happy enough with yourself to say you love how you look on a certain day. Who is anyone to tear a person down for that? Yes, adults! We are the failed generation. We are addicted to our phones, we are way too privileged, and we are incredibly self-obsessed. But, older generations, take a second to recognize your own faults. You raised us, you created the environment and society in which we live. If you have complaints, file them to yourselves. We, on the other hand, will be working on building our brighter future. It’s your choice, adults, if you want to join us.