The World Doesn’t Revolve Around Miley Cyrus


Liz Barnes, Special to the NL

During the week of August 25th, of 2013: President Obama and Prime Minster Cameron of Britain spoke over the phone and discussed the bombings in Syria while their totalitarian government denied the use of chemical weapons, blaming the rebels. A massive wildfire threatened San Francisco, destroying four homes as only 7% contained. The 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I had a dream” speech, the celebrating occurred in the Lincoln Memorial ; but the only thing that was trending on Google search bar’s across the country was Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMA’S, according to
Is this bad? No. Every generation there is pop culture, and every year everyone watches a celebrity and are strangely fascinated by what they chose to do in public.
The MTV Video Music awards are just a spring board. There is also the discussion of North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanya West’s child. The way teenagers focus around pop culture icons is frightening.  Miley Cyrus has 14,000,000 followers on Twitter, while Lady Gaga’s follower count is even higher at 40,000,000. There are celebrities everywhere, especially on the internet. Via Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, a photo, video, or blog post can easily become viral. This is something that makes our generation special. Even our older siblings did not have the vast data connections, WiFi, or computer coding that we possess in our pockets and backpacks.
We need to use our Androids, smart phones, and whatever Apple is coming out with now to better ourselves, and our minds. If this sounds like another teenage girl pleading to her generation to be better, it is. Enjoying output is never a bad thing, except when one becomes carried away. Lance Armstrong’s doping was exaggerated, as was the case in Florida between Zimmerman and Martin. Social media blew both of those stories up, because teenagers and young adults jumped at conclusions without checking facts.
Instead of making judgments or curling up with People Magazine, we need to take a step back and remember about what is right. It is easy to point your finger and say “It was racism!” or “You were doping! That’s cheating! You don’t deserve those wins!” –  fact check. It will sound smarter and respected. Think before posting on Tumblr or Facebook. Have common sense.
Movies and music are fantastic to enjoy and Twitter is a great medium to get the masses together – Arab Spring – but there are many new things that happen in this world daily. During the bombings at the Boston Marathon four people died and America was all up-in-arms. In South America, that same week a factory collapsed that killed upwards of 400 people, but not everyone knew.
During the week of the 23rd, Kenyan forces fought Somalian terrorists at a shopping mall that left 67 people dead at the end of battle. The US and China pushed Iran to accept an offer to despose of their nuclear weapons. Hackers stole the First Lady’s ID and published it on a web-site. With so much news happening around us, keeping up with the Kardashians sounds tame.