Gabbie Byers, Staff Writer

Imagine you’re sitting at home on your couch, your favorite snack in hand and your remote in the other. You flip through all of your go-to channels,  only to find reruns and the dreadful things nobody likes: commercials. Now there are plenty of things to fix this problem, like get up and actually do something productive with your life, or the much better and less stressful option, switching over to Netflix. Now this is not an ad for Netflix and I’m not getting paid to tell you how much cheaper it is (however I should be),  but I’m simply writing to you today to tell you as a non- cable user some facts on why I think Netflix is the better, more affordable option.

Now typically a televised show ends with a cliffhanger to get you to tune into next week’s episode, and you have to go through the rest of the week not knowing what happened to your beloved character. There is a cure to your broken heart: just binge watch the entire season on Netflix in a single night!  Binge watching also can fill your lonely void of sorrow with something if not productive, at least not destructive. Instead of hanging in emotional turmoil for seven whole days, you can get to go on an emotional roller coaster ride all in one night with your favorite characters.

Netflix is a great way to live out your days being a couch potato and it is always going to be there for you. Junior Olivia Walter agrees: “I don’t have to worry if the weather is going to make it static or search through dozens of reruns just to watch the new show; Netflix is always adding great selections and I know there’s always something there for me. It also recommends shows for me so when I finish a movie or series there is something new to start.”

And don’t stress if you can’t find a show that you want, but can’t seem to find: Netflix even has a page to request the show you have been dying to watch. Hidden deep in Netflix’s help documents and titled “Request TV shows or movies,” the page is used for exactly what its title suggests. When you come across a movie or TV show you want to watch but it’s nowhere to be found in Netflix’s library, you can use this page to submit a request asking Netflix to add it to the site’s catalog.

At the end of the day, Netflix is a great convenience just at your fingertips. So stop watching those long commercials and that show you’ve watched what feels like 8,000 times and come join the Netflix family, where being lazy is not just acceptable, but cherished.