There are thrifty ways to have your perfect Prom experience

As winter is slowly coming to an end and spring is approaching us, the time has come to start prom shopping. Many students don’t even consider going to the dance because they either don’t have the money or simply just don’t want to go. Before deciding not to go because of the cost, consider the many options you have.

It is not, by any means, necessary to buy new shoes and jewelry as well as getting hair and makeup professionally done. By using already owned items to get ready for prom and doing it all yourself, you can save so much money. According to a survey done by Visa, the average US family spends over $900 on prom with the parents paying for 73% of the cost. Prom is definitely a special day, but is it really worth all the money?

Instead of purchasing dresses from stores like David’s Bridal or Sherri Hill, an alternative option is online shopping. Of course, there are places you can go to to buy cheaper dresses but it is a whole lot easier to find great deals online. Online websites such as Lulus and Prom Girl have beautiful dresses and accessories for decent prices.

Portage also has a high-end dress resale store, Saavy, located in the Shoppes on Romence Road. Saavy has a wide variety of designer dresses that were sold to them by their owners, who likely spent way too much on them and wore them just once. It is not unusual to find dresses that were once $500 for just $50, and you can save even more if you sell them your dress from last year while you’re there. Kalamazoo also has an annual prom dress giveaway called The Cinderella Project, where local dress retailers give away literally hundreds of designed dresses every year. This year’s event will be held on March 28. 

Since prom is an event you can only attend while in high school, it pays to find a way to attend. Will there be other formal dance events in your life? Of course, but prom only comes once or twice. Now just because our school allows juniors and seniors to go to prom, it doesn’t mean you have to go twice, but despite the money and time you will spend to get ready, it is fun to get all dressed up to go.  ¨I like the purpose that prom gives dressing up. It’s considered weird to just dress up and do everyday things,¨ said senior Izy Kominek. For those who aren’t so into dancing, prom is way more than busting a move on the dance floor. On the day of prom, most people get ready with their friends, take pictures and go out to eat before the event, creating special and lasting memories.  

Prom can be just as well enjoyed with a group of friends as with a date. ¨With friends, the pressure of being cool is alleviated and when you go with a date you have to match which makes it stressful,¨ said senior Alyssa Frazier. Just picture yourself in ten years thinking back to high school. Don´t you want to have fun memories from the four years you spent here rather than just remembering it as the boring place you went to everyday to do school work? Even if it means spending some money or stepping out of your comfort zone, spend April 28th at prom with your friends instead of in your bed watching TV.