February is the worst, am I right?


Manny Tsang, Staff Writer

February, the second month of the year. It has the least amount of days out of all of the months. On leap years, it goes from 28 days to 29 days. It also holds the distinction of being the worst month.

One reason for why February is the worst is how it’s spelled. Why is there a “R” in the middle of it? You don’t pronounce it as Feb-RUE-ary, so why is it spelled with an R? This makes about as much sense as Associated Press (the style of writing that journalists use) not allowing the Oxford comma.

The spelling isn’t the only issue I have with February. The weather is another serious point of contention. February is a terrible mix of the summer and winter. It has the strengths of neither and the weaknesses of both. The weather during December and January sucks, definitely, but at least there are some merits in it. The view of a untouched snowy landscape is absolutely gorgeous, and the snow allows for snowboarding or skiing, and while the summer weather can be blisteringly hot, it’s perfect weather for ice cream, popsicles and going swimming. Even the fall has leaf piles and it’s perfect for sweaters.

February, on the other hand, has no upsides to its weather. It isn’t so cold that you have to bundle up, but it’s warm enough that you never know exactly what to wear and how many layers you need. You’ll go outside in just a sweater and freeze, but go inside a store and burn up. There’s not beautiful snow to gaze at, but the grass isn’t clear and there aren’t any flowers. Instead, you get a disgusting slush of dirt mixed with melting snow. Don’t even get me started on the precipitation. It starts off snowing, which by the time February rolls around, you’ll probably be sick of, and as it progresses, it turns to rain instead, sometimes multiple times in the same day. The way it looks and feels outside just makes February plain awful, but there’s plenty more to hate.

The next item that puts February on the chopping block is Valentine’s Day. Supposedly the most romantic holiday out there, in reality, it’s far from it. When you’re single, Valentine’s Day is far from fun. Whether or not you’re looking for a relationship, it’s just a bother. When you are looking for love, it can be kind of depressing to see all the commercials about happy couples and how important love is. You might feel left out and discarded. If you aren’t looking for romance, then it just gets annoying. All the ads talking about how wonderful love is can be grating when you’ve learned how to be okay being alone. It’s still a problem for the people who aren’t single. There’s all the commercial pressure to buy your significant other expensive jewelry or take them on expensive dates, when there’s no need to do these things other than people saying so. You don’t need to do anything big or expensive, you can just make your partner a meal, or get them flowers. Valentine’s Day feels like it’s inflated with importance as well. Why should someone only get their partner flowers or a fancy meal on this day only? You shouldn’t have to have a special day to treat your partner. Valentine’s Day is just dumb, and helps make February terrible.

Are there any positives to February? Honestly, I can’t think of any. The weather sucks, the holidays suck, and the way its spelled is infuriating. This month is nothing but downsides, and there isn’t any reason to like it.