Ragnarok doesn’t disappoint

Brianna Neuhouser, Staff Writer

Marvel hit another homerun with the release of “Thor: Ragnarok” last week. In the 9 days it has been out, its box office revenue has surpassed the production budget of $180 million by roughly $32 million. The opening weekend alone brought in $121 million in domestic success.

The Thor franchise has always captivated audiences: apparently something about a hunky blonde is appealing to nearly everyone. Not to mention, Marvel does not shy away from cameos from other loved characters, such as Doctor Strange, Black Widow, and of course, Stan Lee’s cameo in every single one of his movies. Ragnarok has typical “dumb guy” characters, which we all love. Examples of such characters include Drax (Guardians of the Galaxy) and The Croc (Suicide Squad). Unfortunately, the movie also turns Thor into the dumb guy due to his time on Earth. While Thor had been funny in his other movies and in the Avengers series, he was funny because he didn’t understand Earth. It seems now that he is funny because he doesn’t understand the history of his own planet.

The praises of this movie cannot be sung enough. Marvel has been accused of declining in quality for years: they still make tons of sales, but the quality has been going down in plot. This newest installment puts all the accusations to rest. It’s a solid hit for Marvel and well-carried by the actors despite the fact that the plot was relatively predictable.